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17 June 2018

While I could spend many hours watching make-up tutorials on Instagram (I mean, the magic of contouring!), I am definitely a ‘no make-up make-up’ kind of girl. I will always prioritise skincare over the stuff to cover up my skin, and while the sheer number of cleanser/acid/serum/lotion combinations to suit each individual skin are way beyond my (lack of) expertise, the following three tools help me on a daily basis to keep it in the best condition possible without a facialist on speed dial.

Hayo’u Beauty Restorer

I have mentioned the Hayo’u Beauty Restorer on Instagram before, in nothing short of glowing (pun intended) terms. For a relatively simple-looking piece of jade, it gives brilliant results that improve with daily use. With the help of an easy-to-follow instruction video by the founder of Hayo’u, Katie Brindle, you need just a minute a day to perform a combination of deep breathing, strokes and pressure point holds that improve circulation and assist detoxification. It may sound a little ‘alternative’ when you consider the more high-tech approach to modern skincare, but it’s based on a healing technique from Chinese medicine known as Gua sha.

I use it with the heavenly Hayo’u Beauty Oil (on my forehead, cheeks and neck only – it depends on how your skin gets on with facial oil) every evening, and it is not only hugely relaxing, but has already made a significant improvement to the definition of my jawline and the firmness of my skin.

At £35 for the Beauty Restorer, it’s a one-off investment (unless you drop it on your bathroom floor…) that will keep on giving. The Beauty Oil is £33, but there are sometimes specials if you buy both. There is also a range of body products (next on my list!)


Clinique Sonic Brush

This tool requires a bit of a deep breath on the price front (although, not quite the deep breath of some of its competitors!) At £79, the Clinique Sonic Brush is obviously a bit of an investment (I suppose some beauty experts would consider it a mere drop in the ocean of insane product prices…), but I’ve had mine for a year, using it every single morning, and I’ve only had to recharge it once and buy one replacement brush head (£17). The good news is that it’s often on special at Boots and on some of the online shops that stock Clinique – I bought mine half price – so if you’re willing to wait and watch a bit, you might see it drop in price at some point.

It really gives your skin a really thorough, but not abrasive, clean if used with the Liquid Facial Soap (£16.50 – it lasts for ages) for a minute every morning. It did lead to a bit of a break-out for me initially, but now helps me maintain a clear complexion like no other product has managed before.


The Body Shop Round Body Brush

At an entirely sensible £9, this is certainly the best value for money skincare tool I own, and I have used one every single day for over 15 years. When used to brush in firm strokes up your limbs towards your heart before you bath or shower, it does amazing things for your circulation and the tone of your skin. It’s said to reduce cellulite, but I can’t attest to the validity of this claim as that has a lot of do with genetics (my mum doesn’t have any and I seem to have benefited somewhat from this, but she wasn’t kind enough to pass on the flat stomach and skinny arms, so this is not my sad attempt at a stealth brag). The fact that dry body brushing is said to exfoliate the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system means it can surely help keep the skin healthy and refreshed, even if it’s not going to completely eliminate cellulite.

It needs to be replaced whenever the bristles lose their firmness, but this one from the Body Shop lasts for ages and has all the right eco credentials!


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