First and foremost, please note that the name of this blog is entirely tongue-in-cheek. With the surname ‘Bar’, it was just too much to resist on the pun front, but its competitive parenting connotation is so far removed from my own view of this motherhood gig, it seemed totally inappropriate…and therefore weirdly appropriate.

I live in London, in the heart of the South West’s ‘Nappy Valley’, with my husband, Mac, and two sons – Skellies (7) and Flea (2). These are clearly not their real names, but I’m conscious that I may write about some elements of raising them that they might not want a future employer to find in their digital footprint.

I was born and raised in Johannesburg to Swedish parents, and moved to London to live with Mac when I was 21 – youth and stupidity sometimes do work out! While at university, I freelanced as a journalist for a national newspaper in Johannesburg, but switched to TV production once I arrived in London. The sheer crippling expense of childcare in London meant that my TV career came to a screeching halt when Skellies was born, and I’ve been home with my children ever since. While I’ve actually loved it, I’ve kept the lesser-used parts of brain occasionally sparking with editing of a local NCT magazine, and copy-editing press releases, CVs, blog content, and even my mother’s PhD.

My Instagram and Twitter handle of @bitemespice comes from the nom de plume I used for a column I wrote at university, an opposing feminist view to that of spoof chauvinist ‘Duke Filthy Sanchez’, the column that appeared on the opposite page of our university newspaper. Between the column, and my regular forays onto the stand-up comedy stage at my university student union, my total happiness with making a tit of myself for the amusement of others was well-established. This has probably been my most useful trait when raising tiny humans, if I’m honest.

If you’ve hung in there and read this far, and you’re not my mother, well done and thanks for visiting.

Caroline Bar